Gentbos, Fri 23.10.2015

I came to the forest with 2 friends my dog. At the parking, there were lots of birds who then took off, scared of my dogs, perhaps.

We saw some pink mushrooms in the very dark area (I don´t understand my own notes and what I am referring to, but this is literally what it says).

At the pond, we saw  water bird of some kind (no other notes on this).

We saw a rook – roek – mustavaris.

We saw Canadian geese (could it have been the white cheeke goose that is different from the Canadian in that its cheek is entirely covered in white).

We heard a pot pot pot pot sound. We heard also the sound of guns, and were wondering whether this was actually a safe time to be in the forest. What are they hunting for and where?

There was a smell of rotting (unpleasant, unaerobic rotting).

We recognized hop growing.

Some doves flew off and while they took off, they let some eikels fall on the ground. Rhododendron, lots of it. Why do they allow it to grow there and take space from the native species?

Mushrooms growing inside the tree.

The corn  is not yet collected.

There´s a willow growing at the border of my site, little movement in water, only in the center. There´s more yellow leaves all over, also on The Eik that I keep recording,  and the green is turning into “dirty green”. There are mushrooms growing on the tree trunk. 4 sticks in the stream.


Who lives here?

Heard species

tjiftjaf common chiffchaff – tiltaltti – Phylloscopus collybita

Ekster – common magpie – harakka – Pica pica

Fazant – common pheasant – fasaani – Phasianus colchicus

Tapuit -northern wheatear – Kivitasku  – Oenanthe oenanthe

Klaver zuring – Käenkaali

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