Herfstexcursie, Gentbos 31/10/2015, 09.00

Herfst excursie with the group.

Autumn is here:  you have to think about the Earth´s position to itself as well as to the Sun. When day and night are as long, begins the autumn, they say. In the winter, Earth is actually closer to the sun, but in the summer, though we are further away, we are facing the Sun longer. The sunlight is stronger in the winter months.

We see a toad. We hear a woodpecker laugh. long-tailed tit (staartmeesje). Goudhaantje (hippiäinen).Gaai (närhi).

The climbing plants sling around either to the right or to the left and you have to look at it top down. See a lot of still green nettles which are important to the forest as they bring a lot of butterflies, like the red admiral (atalanta). There are white balls under the nettle and these are from the gall wasps.

We learn that the bushes especially with thorns, are important hiding places to many species and that some animals actually place their reserve food on the thorns.

Mosses are important as they withhold moisture.

Elderberry tree is typically very soft from the bark. That´s why the judas ear grows often on elderberry? Story says that it´s because Judas hung himself on the elderberry tree after having betrayed jesus.

Gentbos is a parkbos, park forest, which means a forest that is…… It is at the corner of three municipalities, of Bottelaere, Lemberghe and Merelbeke.

Gentbos is about 28ha in size. It is managed as a  “natuurbos” which means that…, waarbij de nodige aandacht gaat naar conservation, enlargement and reparation of the nature value. On top of this, work is being done on the rejuvenation of the forest. In the Gentbos, a lot of different natural forest types are represented, such as: …..

Ref: http://www.tov.be/nl/provinciaal-domein-het-gentbos


The area of 22ha (at the time) was bought by the provincial government in 1990. In 1993, a comprehensive forest management plan for the Gentbos was prepared with the basic principle to manage the domain naturally. This means, that the area is  allowed to  naturally regenerate. Another goal is to reduce the proportion of common beech in favor of the oak and the common ash . The aim is increase the variety in both species composition as well as age . Other habitats such as grassland get into the Gentbos a chance.

After purchasing the Gentbos locks the provincial government of East Flanders and the Merelbeke council into an agreement to divide the tasks . In summary , the provincial government ensure the implementation of earlier large-scale works while the city council is responsible for the daily supervision and management.



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