Gentbos, Herfstwandeling 22.10.2016

This was an organized walk by the Vogel Aziel Merelbeke.

Attention was paid to the different fungi, as can be seen on my pictures later on in this post.

Aardappelbovist and inside it there are green spores.

We heard a boomklever which, according to the guide and to his surprise, is singing its spring song. Weird. X

The guide points out the non native American oak can have 100 insects living on it, but that a similar native oak could have up to 500 insects living on it. This is because the American one is not as well adapted to the conditions here. In addition, the leaves are too thick and strong and take a long time before they are composted. In the meantime, they do not let any light or life through them and suffocate the forest floor. But, this tree is doing very well here. He also points out that the maples are half shadow trees and are doing okay here.  However, another guide has told me that the Gentbos maples are almost all sick. X

He also points out as we pass by the big fallen American oaks, that when trees are felled, it´s important to pay attention to the surroundings, such as, from where will the wind come, as the changed environment can have surprising effects on the area after trees have been felled, e.g. with increased wind, some trees can spontaneously fall down.

He talks about which kind of mammals are to be seen in this forest. He mentions that  dears are coming back and so are martens, stoats, weasels and foxes, though the latter ones haven´t been away even.

Other fungi we saw include gele koraalzwam, reuzenzwam, schubbige bundelzwam, houtskoolknotzwam.




Gentbos, 6.9.2016

We see an aardappel bovist. The reuzenzwam that is rare, is doing well on one of the fallen trees. Luckily this fungi is tucked away from the people, it would otherwise be cut out. Can become very large, the size of my butt. We are looking at the difference between tamme and wilde kastanjes (difference can be seen in leaves as well as the chestnuts). We wonder why the daalkruid is in BE an indicator of old forests, can it have to do with sour grounds? X In FI it´s mostly the species that first blooms, thus a sign of spring, and mot definitely not to be found in old growth forests, but from deciduous groves.

We see a nest that looks first like a hornet´s nest but turns out is a birds nest. I later on look it up and it looks to be a boomklever´s nest as it sometimes makes its nest in old woodpecker´s nests and makes the doorway smaller by spreading clay around it. I get the same diagnosis from a couple of forest knowers.


Gentbos, 2.9.2016

Dry path, with grass growing on it. Imagine that this path is totally muddy in the winter. I can hear the geese from the pond on the terrain close by. My creek looks very dry. Only very little water, leaves are falling – because of drought? Grasses are all white at the edge of the stream. There´s been about 0.5 meters difference in how high and low the stream rises.

Gentbos, 19.6.2016

Noticing a lot of small houtrotzammen on a tree. Small, pure white ones. What will this one become?  Tonderzwammen?

Sweet chestnut has beautiful katjes beginning. Sat for a long time with a red robin looking at me. Apparently he was waiting for me to go away so he could proceed in his nest to feed his young, as he had a insect on his beak and was not moving.

Gentbos, 13.4.2016

Around 9.50 am, 7 degrees.

So much trash all over the place!

Mud feels thicker. It´s been drier and warmer so the water´s been taken up. I hear a pheasant. A blackbird female jumps on the ground.

I never noticed some of the perfect holes in the fallen tree before – were they nests sometimes? X

So much bird song, it´s unbelievable! (Why didn’t I measure decibels!)

Next time I have to bring a bag to pick up the trash.

Esdoorn has big leaves already. X Why are some bos anemonen almost pink, can it be because of different composition of soil? X

Little water in the stream. Everything’s got leaves.

On the other side of the bank a lot more green vegetation, because of the Sun?

Kleefkruid on the side of the field.

Why do some trees have that moss around their foot and others do not? X

Why are the hazel leaves still so small compared to others? X

Why are the leaves of the esdoorn hanging downwards? X when the leaves are young, that is.

Male and female pheasants on the field.

Braambes old leaves are low while new ones are reaching up. In some places I think I can smell the nettles. Honeysuckle is really beautiful with almost pink young leaves.

At the ground level also lots to see. Something that looks like an orchid, maarsviooltje dus. There´s a lot of light still though it´s green all over. The air seems cleaner too because of the green, though it hasn´t rained. Why is the bos anemone growing all white in one spot?

I hear a woodpecker knocking and wonder if that sounds is for marking the territory with sound or is he testing the wood for food or is he actually there making a hole to eat.

I notice we are close to the play area because I find trash. This makes me so angry. The kids are loud, none of them are speaking with a normal voice, all are screaming. Atleast 30 kids and only 3 adults.

Again I wonder about the rhododendrons and the fact that the kids will associate that as their speelbos, and perhaps also start planting that in their yards. That´s all fine and well, but why not plant something more useful and native? X



Gentbos, 11.3.2016

Something´s flying in the sky, we hear it´s sound and we see the wings have white stripes on the top as it moves. We know it is a buteo buteo, hiirihaukka. The ground is covered with frost, the mud is solid but not completely. We hear and see jackdaws, blackbirds,red robins and great tits. In the creek, dark hummus layer has settled at the bottom, water is clear. The deepest part seems to have moved after the turn. Speenkruid is blooming with yellow flowers already on the side of the creek where the sun hits! Nettles are raising their heads. I am wondering whether the hazel next to my creek has been a hakhoutstoof. Looks like it. It is not yet making any start of blooming. Hondsroos seems to have leaves already. I hear a bird sing and think i know which one it is. I play it on my book of bird songs (comes with recordings) and immediately the bird in the forest answers. It is metsäkirvinen.