Gentbos, 27.11.2015

I see most more moss growing at the bottom of threes here than in Finland. Is that because of the humid air? There is laddermos. X

Veel vogels in the struiken wan meidoorn, sleedoorn, hondsroos omdat er besjes zijn. Knoppen in de bomen al in de herfst – wat als het nu heel koud wordt? X

Elfenbank, tonderzwam op hout.

Pheasant is calling.

Why are the roots of the esdoorn growing on top of ground?  X

Verse mol hoopjes.

Some plants are still not wilted, such as speenkruid, hondstraf, fern.

The creek is streaming fast, or maybe it looks like it because there is a lot of material in the stream. There´s also foam in the water. I wonder why? X

I see a judas oor on the vlier. There´s a place where an uil has eaten a duif. The insides of the stomach are still visible (corn). Braakballekes. It´s always around the same place where I see this. The territory of the uil (which uil)?

The kastanje is a windbestuiver en the katjes are our in the beginning of the year so that they get blown away before the very big leaves stand in the way.


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