Gentbos, 13.4.2016

Around 9.50 am, 7 degrees.

So much trash all over the place!

Mud feels thicker. It´s been drier and warmer so the water´s been taken up. I hear a pheasant. A blackbird female jumps on the ground.

I never noticed some of the perfect holes in the fallen tree before – were they nests sometimes? X

So much bird song, it´s unbelievable! (Why didn’t I measure decibels!)

Next time I have to bring a bag to pick up the trash.

Esdoorn has big leaves already. X Why are some bos anemonen almost pink, can it be because of different composition of soil? X

Little water in the stream. Everything’s got leaves.

On the other side of the bank a lot more green vegetation, because of the Sun?

Kleefkruid on the side of the field.

Why do some trees have that moss around their foot and others do not? X

Why are the hazel leaves still so small compared to others? X

Why are the leaves of the esdoorn hanging downwards? X when the leaves are young, that is.

Male and female pheasants on the field.

Braambes old leaves are low while new ones are reaching up. In some places I think I can smell the nettles. Honeysuckle is really beautiful with almost pink young leaves.

At the ground level also lots to see. Something that looks like an orchid, maarsviooltje dus. There´s a lot of light still though it´s green all over. The air seems cleaner too because of the green, though it hasn´t rained. Why is the bos anemone growing all white in one spot?

I hear a woodpecker knocking and wonder if that sounds is for marking the territory with sound or is he testing the wood for food or is he actually there making a hole to eat.

I notice we are close to the play area because I find trash. This makes me so angry. The kids are loud, none of them are speaking with a normal voice, all are screaming. Atleast 30 kids and only 3 adults.

Again I wonder about the rhododendrons and the fact that the kids will associate that as their speelbos, and perhaps also start planting that in their yards. That´s all fine and well, but why not plant something more useful and native? X



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