Gentbos, Herfstwandeling 22.10.2016

This was an organized walk by the Vogel Aziel Merelbeke.

Attention was paid to the different fungi, as can be seen on my pictures later on in this post.

Aardappelbovist and inside it there are green spores.

We heard a boomklever which, according to the guide and to his surprise, is singing its spring song. Weird. X

The guide points out the non native American oak can have 100 insects living on it, but that a similar native oak could have up to 500 insects living on it. This is because the American one is not as well adapted to the conditions here. In addition, the leaves are too thick and strong and take a long time before they are composted. In the meantime, they do not let any light or life through them and suffocate the forest floor. But, this tree is doing very well here. He also points out that the maples are half shadow trees and are doing okay here.  However, another guide has told me that the Gentbos maples are almost all sick. X

He also points out as we pass by the big fallen American oaks, that when trees are felled, it´s important to pay attention to the surroundings, such as, from where will the wind come, as the changed environment can have surprising effects on the area after trees have been felled, e.g. with increased wind, some trees can spontaneously fall down.

He talks about which kind of mammals are to be seen in this forest. He mentions that  dears are coming back and so are martens, stoats, weasels and foxes, though the latter ones haven´t been away even.

Other fungi we saw include gele koraalzwam, reuzenzwam, schubbige bundelzwam, houtskoolknotzwam.




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