Winter post #3: Favorite things

Though I miss the snowy landscapes of Finland, these are a few of my favorite things about the Belgian winter.

  1. The crusty frozen leafs that crackle under my shoes.


2. The running streams that are transporting the melting snow water but still rocking some nice ice sculptures.talvi5

3. The naked tops of the trees and quieter forest though the omnipresent red robins can always be heard, and the woodpeckers who are playing sounds on the trees high up on the trees as they are looking for any snacks under the bark or just showing  anyone who might be wondering, that it is their territory.

4.  I also like the tiny little puddles with some fiercely strong ice that seems to be yelling, also at the adults, to come give a try at their strength and hardness.



5. Call me an antisocial Finn but one of my most favorite things is the fact that I can have the forest all to myself more often. There are much less people in the forest in the winter. Your loss, not mine.


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